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Regretful past, Hopeful Future

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12:49AM - Hello there

It's almost 2013!!! Where has the time gone?!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

6:11PM - what a silly la-la

I am so silly.I get sad when people deny me as friends on myspace, or do not reply to what I have sent them! and I get sad when they delete my comments that I've posted for their pictures.Or I get sad when they delete comments on their front page. Oh well.I'm so silly. I used to have her listed as a friend on this one.but i deleted her,cause she never posted on mine.silly reason.i miss it,seeing her l.j., but hey just think "things used to be good" as in with her,her and them,the homies. life....as it used to be.

Current mood: nostalgic

Saturday, November 25, 2006

6:09PM - the importance of accomplishing one's goals.

I love setting and reaching goals. The power of believing in yourself and having confidence is a great and admirable thing.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

1:14PM - this is how it goes.

This thing is so good,that I can't mess around with it anymore.I'm 21,and I've got some ambition man.Don't try and stop me and tell me that I am wrong,because I'll prove it to you and I'll say "oh yeah?" people can't make me mad,only if I want them to.I wanted my friend to go to the park with me,but she thought I was "tricking" her into exercising.O-M-G grr.So what if you don't want the product? You are wrong.I'm sick of her overreacting and being bossy and getting all irked.I'm quite the snippety one in this entry.

Current mood: frustrated

Monday, February 27, 2006

8:37PM - A day in the life of...

So I watched/played with children for a good portion of the day.The little girl trying to "eat" her brother,as in biting him. Not fun having to reprimand a little one and seeing her break down in tears. Then I went to see one of my friends,as she was on her lunch break.She commented on my make-up,when I didn't ask for her opinion. As in negative. "Wow, a little much on the eyeliner,huh?" Yet she asks what I think whenever she gets something done,as if she was seeking for my approval.And if I tell her that I honestly don't like something she gets all annoyed.Well,did you want me to lie and let you think that I liked it.Or the classic rolling of the eyes and "WHATEVER" gotta LOVE that. I really "loved" how she looked @ the date on her cell phone and goes "19 days,since he's been gone" it's like,puhleease there are worse things in life then your boyfriend studying abroad for three months in another country.As if you didn't see him every FREAKING day?! Give me a freaking break.Such drama. I'd have to roll my eyes at that one. How annoying too! And the fact that you bring it up, I just want to say shut up,I don't want to hear anymore.I know,I'm such a nice and caring friend. And then another, she looks over at this couple who has one of their friends with them,and the girlfriend or whatever she is sitting on the boys lap, and he is kissing her on the neck.She tells me that annoys her,but what she doesn't remember is that at her graduation dinner she is in her own little world with her boyfriend and he's touching her butt and whatnot.Good thing there was another person there talking to me. Who knows? maybe they don't do that anymore,and maybe they don't even have people around them anymore.But it's like,um you think that's annoying, look at yourself! I'm complaining about this because I want to,and therefore I will.I may have my physical imperfections but so does she.I really don't want to meet her for lunch tomorrow.I'll just say "I'm tired" because apparently to her,it was okay to come crash at my house when she would say "can I come hang out?" I'm beyond over it.

Current mood: annoyed

Sunday, February 26, 2006

11:32AM - wow.

I'm not going to eat sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast,like,ever again.At first,I was incessantly burping and then it just came out,as in purging.I wasn't even hungry when I awoke,but I ate anyway.Then after I threw up,I had chips and salsa and Cinderella fruit snacks..Um yeah.And you know that fear I have of turning the t.v. on to find The Exorcist on,well it hasn't happened..I don't know why I don't like horror movies anymore.They scare me,and I know they shouldn't because they aren't real and it's just makeup and b.s. but I used to like them but now I've changed.Anyway,horror movies have raunchy stuff in it,like just stick to the horror okay?we don't need a horror porn flick? what the heck?! but Miss Congeniality 2 was on.I love that movie,i think more than the first one.I want to go and get the soundtrack today. I better go and brush my teeth.Was it with whenever I'm menstruating,the bowel movements are hard to come by? Better go and take some Cascara sagrada. I don't like chlorophyll.Maybe since I threw up,it was a coincidence that the exorcist was going to be on after meet the fockers. haha.except I didn't do projectile vomiting. riiight.I don't understand how my friend meg,not my cousin meg, is not afraid of any horror movies,or maybe she wasn't afraid of that one time when there was darkness in the room and it was the Devil.hmmm.I should ask her.I'm going to watch children tonight.Should be fun.They have a dog visiting their house.Dog sitting.Okay.

Current mood: confused

Sunday, December 4, 2005

10:12AM - oh the drama...

repeat to self"I like everyone at school" I am almost done.And I want to end on a good note.

Current mood: annoyed

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

10:33PM - sometimes you remember.

I talked to my friend about how it annoyed me on how she was criticizing this one movie we were watching.If you don't freaking like the movie then tell me to TURN IT OFF! grrr.It's like if I don't like a movie,I'm not allowed to,but if she doesn't like it,then it's okay for her to sit there and pick it apart,which makes me exasperated.I should have just got up and left her house.She has criticized me also in front of people.We all have our mistakes and shortcomings.I love her to pieces,and it's going to stay that way.She's apologized,but man,if that happens again,I don't expect myself to stay "cool,calm,and collected." :)

Current mood: complacent

Thursday, May 12, 2005

1:11AM - Wow,I really need to practice the presentation.

Went to a referral's house tonight.My mama & papa know this couple,Clinton and Ethel from church. Fortunately,Debby was with me...and I talked really slow.I need to practice more.It's difficult at first, but I know I can get it to sound fairly decent. I will *never* have a month of ZERO ever again. That was terrible.I'm relieved I have something in for the month as of 11th. I explained the theory of decreasing responsibility ok...There is definitely room for improvement. Rich heard me do the walk-up approach to this young engaged couple and he said I did well. Somehow,when Debby or Rich are listening,I get really nervous. Friday, kitchen table appointment and recruiting appointment.It can only go up from here. Oh,and I think I made $400 tonight? that's pretty good for 3 hours of me "slopping it up".

Current mood: accomplished

Sunday, May 8, 2005

10:18PM - man,does that look bad.

Jessica Simpson in the Dukes of Hazzard? I just watched the trailer, and hm? not so much...ok,I will admit when I was,what 15? I listened to her,but from then on,I did not...and now she just annoys me.Sorry,sweetie!

Current mood: tired

Saturday, May 7, 2005

11:00PM - missing out on money & I do not like mean people.

I just realized that if I watched Erin's daughter, Jasmine that I could have made $100...Also I could have watched three kids from my church, and 2 girls on Saturday and two on Mother's Day. Missing out on money is not fun. Especially when people pay you more than at your retail job. Oh well. Also, I'd like to mention that I did not like the girl who did a deep-conditioning treatment from Pure Beauty on me last Sunday. She was hinting that it was a pain in the butt for her to deep-condition ALL of my hair. And she wasn't friendly. I hesitated on giving her her $3 tip.I just won't ever be going to her again.She is definitely not recruitable. I don't mean to sound negative or mean, but really, I tried being friendly with this woman, but she was not cool,no, not cool at all. Whatever.I sound like such a teenager right now. Oh goodness, I'm doing the kitchen table presentation by myself on Monday night.I'm scared,nervous,and panicky.Good thing I have been practicing with Debby and listening to the Shane Perry c.d.'s. Oh..and Mark Younger called me the other day,because I called his Go Solo! It was so awesome. Amazing, hearing from a 2-Million-Dollar-Earner-Voice. He's so down-to-earth, friendly, and kind. Sue is also...I remember telling her what my cousin Jon had told me "Nobody's going to buy life insurance from a nineteen-year-old" and she just said "that is such bull...you know that?!" I always like at Super Mondays how she opens up with "are we excited or what?!" Ok,April is over,it's a NEW month. I need to improve. and I need to not digress in what I write...Riiiight.

Current mood: energetic

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

12:54AM - All you can do is all you can do.

I brought two people to the opportunity meeting at Primerica tonight. Timing is not so good for both of them. One is going on to USC grad school, in which I told her "you know,Primerica pays really well, to where you won't have to use student loans" and the other just broke up with her baby's daddy because he's a jerk and cheated on her so emotionally not all there,but hey you still need to make more money. Oh well, some will,some won't, so what...who is next? It's cool I met this woman,Alicia, at Bed,Bath and Beyond and she's been coming to training and she likes xbondagedollx. I'm excited about that. I need to start exercising.I have fatigue.And I'm lethargic.

Current mood: pensive

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I don't know what to write about, except to say hi. Wow,that's utterly boring.