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Wow,I really need to practice the presentation.

Went to a referral's house tonight.My mama & papa know this couple,Clinton and Ethel from church. Fortunately,Debby was with me...and I talked really slow.I need to practice more.It's difficult at first, but I know I can get it to sound fairly decent. I will *never* have a month of ZERO ever again. That was terrible.I'm relieved I have something in for the month as of 11th. I explained the theory of decreasing responsibility ok...There is definitely room for improvement. Rich heard me do the walk-up approach to this young engaged couple and he said I did well. Somehow,when Debby or Rich are listening,I get really nervous. Friday, kitchen table appointment and recruiting appointment.It can only go up from here. Oh,and I think I made $400 tonight? that's pretty good for 3 hours of me "slopping it up".
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