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I'm not going to eat sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast,like,ever again.At first,I was incessantly burping and then it just came out,as in purging.I wasn't even hungry when I awoke,but I ate anyway.Then after I threw up,I had chips and salsa and Cinderella fruit snacks..Um yeah.And you know that fear I have of turning the t.v. on to find The Exorcist on,well it hasn't happened..I don't know why I don't like horror movies anymore.They scare me,and I know they shouldn't because they aren't real and it's just makeup and b.s. but I used to like them but now I've changed.Anyway,horror movies have raunchy stuff in it,like just stick to the horror okay?we don't need a horror porn flick? what the heck?! but Miss Congeniality 2 was on.I love that movie,i think more than the first one.I want to go and get the soundtrack today. I better go and brush my teeth.Was it with whenever I'm menstruating,the bowel movements are hard to come by? Better go and take some Cascara sagrada. I don't like chlorophyll.Maybe since I threw up,it was a coincidence that the exorcist was going to be on after meet the fockers. haha.except I didn't do projectile vomiting. riiight.I don't understand how my friend meg,not my cousin meg, is not afraid of any horror movies,or maybe she wasn't afraid of that one time when there was darkness in the room and it was the Devil.hmmm.I should ask her.I'm going to watch children tonight.Should be fun.They have a dog visiting their house.Dog sitting.Okay.
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