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A day in the life of...

So I watched/played with children for a good portion of the day.The little girl trying to "eat" her brother,as in biting him. Not fun having to reprimand a little one and seeing her break down in tears. Then I went to see one of my friends,as she was on her lunch break.She commented on my make-up,when I didn't ask for her opinion. As in negative. "Wow, a little much on the eyeliner,huh?" Yet she asks what I think whenever she gets something done,as if she was seeking for my approval.And if I tell her that I honestly don't like something she gets all annoyed.Well,did you want me to lie and let you think that I liked it.Or the classic rolling of the eyes and "WHATEVER" gotta LOVE that. I really "loved" how she looked @ the date on her cell phone and goes "19 days,since he's been gone" it's like,puhleease there are worse things in life then your boyfriend studying abroad for three months in another country.As if you didn't see him every FREAKING day?! Give me a freaking break.Such drama. I'd have to roll my eyes at that one. How annoying too! And the fact that you bring it up, I just want to say shut up,I don't want to hear anymore.I know,I'm such a nice and caring friend. And then another, she looks over at this couple who has one of their friends with them,and the girlfriend or whatever she is sitting on the boys lap, and he is kissing her on the neck.She tells me that annoys her,but what she doesn't remember is that at her graduation dinner she is in her own little world with her boyfriend and he's touching her butt and whatnot.Good thing there was another person there talking to me. Who knows? maybe they don't do that anymore,and maybe they don't even have people around them anymore.But it's like,um you think that's annoying, look at yourself! I'm complaining about this because I want to,and therefore I will.I may have my physical imperfections but so does she.I really don't want to meet her for lunch tomorrow.I'll just say "I'm tired" because apparently to her,it was okay to come crash at my house when she would say "can I come hang out?" I'm beyond over it.
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